Active ingredients directly contribute nutrients to your vitamins. We scour the globe to source the best and most bioavailable ingredients that your body can actually use.

  • Alpha Linolenic Acid (ALA)

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  • Alpha Lipoic Acid

    An antioxidant that’s found in small amounts in vegetables and red meat, especially organ meats. May help cell metabolism and insulin resistance.

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  • Biotin

    A type of B vitamin found abundantly in foods like whole grains and eggs. May promote clear skin, faster hair growth and stronger nails.

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  • Boron

    A trace mineral that supports strong bones by helping your body better utilize other minerals such as magnesium and calcium. We use a chelated glycinate form that is bonded to amino acids and easier to absorb.

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  • Calcium

    Mineral that supports strong bones and other biological processes. Women need more calcium when pregnant. Calcium citrate is superior to other forms such as the cheaper calcium carbonate as citrate does not affect stomach acid and is more easily absorbed by our bodies.

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  • Choline

    Supports cell repair and fat transfer and metabolism. May also promote better memory, cognitive function and liver health. Women who are pregnant have much higher choline requirements. The bitartrate form we use is made in the US and Italy.

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  • Citrus Bioflavonoids

    Polyphenolic compounds found in the skins of citrus fruits like oranges and lemons. Acts as a powerful antioxidant in the body, helps the efficacy of vitamin C and protects cells from free radical damage.

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  • CoQ10

    A coenzyme that acts as an antioxidant in the body and may promote heart health. Natural levels in our bodies may become depleted with age or certain medications. Ubiquinone and ubiquinol are two commonly used forms; ubiquinone is naturally converted to ubiquinol in the body. From USA

    1. Coenzyme Q10 supplementation during pregnancy reduces the risk of pre-eclampsia. Teran E, Hernandez I, Nieto B, Tavara R, Ocampo JE, Calle A., International journal of gynaecology and obstetrics, 2009
  • DHA

    Docosahexaenoic acid is an omega-3 fatty acid that plays an important role in brain health, cognitive function and cardiovascular health. Promotes healthy development of the brain, nerves and eyes in babies. Crucial during pregnancy and lactation.

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  • DHA (Algae)

    DHA is an essential omega-3 fatty acid that is important for the healthy development of the brain, nerves and eyes in babies. It’s also crucial for heart health and cognitive ability in adults. DHA derived from marine algae is a fish-free alternative to DHA from fish.

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  • EPA

    Eicosapentaenoic acid is an omega-3 fatty acid that plays an important role in cardiovascular health, maintaining healthy cholesterol levels and reducing inflammation. Many people supplement omega-3 fish oil because they do not eat enough fatty fish in their diets.

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  • Fish Oil

    Fish oil is rich in omega-3 oils and fatty acids such as EPA and DHA. It is typically sourced from oily species such as mackerel and sardines, although suppliers vary widely. We source our fish oil from wild Norwegian fish such as cod and pollack from a supplier who is certified sustainable by the MSC, so our fish oil doesn’t contribute to overfishing.

  • Folate

    AKA folic acid or vitamin B9, folate is essential for anemia and women who are pregnant. Has been shown to prevent neutral tube defects in unborn babies. Folic acid is used synonymously with folate, as it has been extensively studied and used to fortify our foods for decades. However, people with a genetic mutation called MTHFR may be less efficient at converting folic acid to methylfolate within the body.

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  • Horsetail Powder

    Herb that may help with brittle nails, balding and several kidney and bladder related concerns.

  • Hyaluronic Acid

    A substance found naturally in our eyes and joints that acts as a lubricant and moisturizer. May support softer skin and joint health.

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  • Hydrolyzed Collagen

    AKA collagen peptides, made from animal gelatin that is said to support healthy skin, bones joints and connective tissue due to its complete amino acid profile.

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  • Inositol

    A substance similar to vitamins that is used in conjunction with B vitamins to support cell function, insulin response and faster hair growth.

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  • Iodine

    An essential mineral found in seafood and sea vegetables that plays an important role in healthy thyroid function. The National Academy of Sciences recommends that pregnant women supplement iodine as potassium iodide because it is essential to healthy brain development in babies.

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  • Iron

    Essential mineral that plays an important role in prevent anemia. Pregnant women who have iron-deficiency anemia have a higher risk of their babies being born preterm and having impaired cognitive development. Ferrous fumarate is a well-studied form that is slower to absorb than some other forms, which means it’s gentler on the stomach while still maintaining good bioavailability.

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  • Lutein

    A plant-based compound found in leafy green vegetables and carrots. Our retinas absorb lutein and other compounds from the bloodstream. Acts as an antioxidant and supports eye health.

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  • Magnesium

    A mineral that’s commonly deficient in Western diets and found in leafy green vegetables, Brazil nuts and more. Magnesium bisglycinate is a superior form to the more common oxide forms. It’s bonded to two amino acids (glycine and lysine) and is more bioavailable and easily absorbed. Ours is sourced from the United States.

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  • Manganese

    A trace mineral that may support the formation of collagen and connective tissues within the body.

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  • Niacin

    AKA vitamin B3. May support healthy cholesterol levels and may reduce incidents of atherosclerosis. The niacinamide form does not cause skin flushing, unlike some other forms.

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  • PABA

    Para-aminobenzoic acid is a compound found in folic acid that is said to support skin conditions, darken greying hair and reduce hair loss.

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  • Pantothenic Acid

    AKA vitamin B5. An essential nutrient that may support oxygen utilization by our cells, reduce soreness and improve recovery in athletes.

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  • Riboflavin

    AKA vitamin B2. Plays a crucial role in cell metabolism.

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  • Rutin

    A compound known as a citrus flavonoid that is found in the skins of citrus fruits, buckwheat and asparagus. Acts as an anti-inflammatory in the body and protects cells from free radical damage.

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  • Selenium

    A trace mineral that may promote heart health and protect your cells from inflammation and free radical damage.

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  • Thiamine

    AKA vitamin B1. An essential nutrient that helps the body metabolize carbohydrates.

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  • Vitamin A

    Essential nutrient that plays an important role in eye health, growth and development, and the immune system. There are two forms: the synthetic palmitate, which has been used for decades to fortify food such as milk; and the natural beta carotene form, which is responsible for the bold orange red color in carrots and pumpkin. We mainly use the beta carotene form.

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  • Vitamin B12

    Essential nutrient that plays an important role in DNA synthesis, forming red cells and other neurological functions. People who do not eat animal products, people who are older and people who have digestive disorders are at higher risk for deficiency. There are several forms, but we use methylcobalamin as it is easier to absorb and made from fermentation.

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  • Vitamin B6

    Type of B vitamin that plays an important role in metabolizing protein and other enzymatic processes in the body. Pyridoxine hydrochloride is the most common supplement form and has the same bioavailability as food sources.

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  • Vitamin C

    Plays an important role in maintaining a healthy immune system, tissue and cell repair and collagen production. Also helps your body absorb iron. We source ascorbic acid, the same form as that found in food, from Scotland.

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  • Vitamin D

    The sunshine vitamin! Plays an important role in bone health and mood, but many people don’t get enough sunshine to synthesize it. Cholecalciferol is the chemical compound of D3, which is better absorbed by the body than D2 and is also the same biologically active form as that produced by our bodies.

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  • Vitamin E

    AKA tocopherols. A powerful antioxidant that is said to support heart health and protect against degenerative eye disorders. Also acts as a natural preservative. We use natural d-alpha tocopherols, not synthetic compounds.

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  • Vitamin K2

    A type of vitamin K that plays an important role in bone health and reducing calcification of the arteries. It’s only found in fermented foods such as natto and some cheeses, so Western diets are typically deficient in this nutrient. We source our K2 from Italy, where it is made using bacterial fermentation.

  • Zinc

    Essential mineral that’s found mainly in crab, oysters and other seafood. Plays important role in maintaining a healthy immune system. We source ours from the United States in a chelated glycinate form, where it is bonded to amino acids and therefore easier to absorb and less taxing on the stomach.

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Excipients are non-active ingredients that keep our vitamins fresh and the nutrients intact. They help us make consistent products in exact doses. We use only what is required and keep it clean — no artificial additives, preservatives, colors, filler or bulking agents.

  • Caramel Powder

    A dry powder made from caramelizing carbohydrates under very high heat. Used in small amounts as a natural food coloring. The FDA categorizes caramel powder as ‘generally recognized as safe’ (GRAS) food additive.

  • Carob

    Commonly used as a chocolate substitute, this plant produces dark brown beans that are also used as a natural food coloring.

  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil

    A plant-based oil known for its abundance of unsaturated fats. We blend this oil with fat-soluble vitamins and nutrients so we can easily encapsulate them in softgel form.

  • Flaxseed Oil

  • Gelatin

    A clear, colorless food made from animal collagen. We use beef bone gelatin from a supplier based in Germany. Gelatin forms the strong and protective outer shell of our softgels. The vast majority of people are able to digest gelatin easily so nutrients can be released quickly into the body. The gelatin itself has been certified Kosher and Halal by Ko Kosher.

  • Glycerin

    Glycerin is a thick, clear liquid used as a lubricant and humectant in many pharmaceutical and cosmetic products. Mixed with gelatin, it forms the strong outer shell of our softgels. Our supplier is based in New Jersey and sources the glycerin from palm oil. They are a signatory to the non-profit Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO).

  • Green Tea Extract

    Natural preservative that inhibits the growth of certain harmful bacteria.

  • MCT Oil

    Medium chain fatty acids made into a clear oil that’s sourced from coconut oil. We suspend other nutrients in MCT oil in order to encapsulate them in softgels. This plant-based oil may also help us absorb the vitamins and minerals better, especially those that are fat soluble

  • Natural Lemon Flavor

    Made from oils extracted from lemon peels. We use this in some of our fish oils to mask their natural fishy smell.

  • Purified Water

    Water that has been filtered for purity.

  • Sunflower Lecithin

    A type of fat that is derived from sunflowers. May promote liver function and improve cholesterol levels. We use non-GMO sunflower lecithin sourced from Europe and the United States.

  • Sunflower Oil

  • Sweet Orange Oil

    An essential oil from orange peels. We use this to mask the natural odor of our algae DHA.

  • Titanium Dioxide

    A whitening agent made from inert minerals. The FDA and EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) have both deemed that it’s a safe additive to use in foods.

  • Vegetable Juice Anthocyanin

    Anthocyanins are pigments and flavonoids found in dark colored foods like blueberries, raspberries, radishes, blackberries and more. We source them from a California company and use them to give some of our softgel shells a natural pink and red color.

  • Yellow Beeswax

    Beeswax that comes unprocessed directly from the honeycomb. Added to mixtures before they are encapsulated to make it easier to blend nutrients.