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We all lead busy lives. Despite our best efforts, our diets don’t always provide all the nutrients that our bodies need for optimal wellness. Supplementing our diets with the right vitamins is a simple and effective step we can take to do right by our health.

Our story

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To bring health and wellness to our customers, partners and communities with high quality vitamins made with responsibly sourced ingredients.

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Since 1992, our customers and community have trusted us with their health and wellness. We remain proudly family owned and operated.


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Made in House

We make everything in our own facility in sunny Los Angeles. For over a decade, we've manufactured supplements for many premium brands that you know and love, so you can trust our expertise.

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Quality You Can Trust

We regularly test our raw ingredients, machines and finished goods to make sure our quality stays top notch. We are registered with the FDA and NSF, who regularly audit us. It’s not the cheapest way to do things, just the right way!

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Supply Chain Transparency

We believe that you have a right to know where your supplements come from. Our supplier partners share our commitment to purity and safety. We have worked with many of them since inception. Check them out here.

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