Why Softgels?

Vitamins come in many forms. Here's why softgels are our delivery method of choice.

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Why are all of our products are in softgel form rather than other forms such as tablets or capsules? While all the forms have their pros and cons, we believe that on balance, softgels are the best delivery method for vitamins.

Ingredient longevity

Softgels really shine when it comes to liquid fillings, such as omega-3 fish oils. Unlike two-piece capsules and tablets, softgels form an airtight seal around the filling inside, protecting the ingredients from degradation and oxidation.

Encapsulation machines fill and form the softgel in one step so the liquid is perfectly contained within the shell. Although it's now possible to fill two-piece capsules with liquid, the contents are still exposed to air, which contributes to oxidation and a shorter shelf life.


Nutrients may not be well absorbed if they are not released into your system promptly. Softgels release nutrients quickly in your body. The shells are typically made of gelatin, vegetable starch or carrageenan. These substances are well tolerated and dissolve easily in your stomach, so you don't have to worry about not absorbing the vitamins you take.

The rate of nutrient absorption is what's commonly referred to as bioavailability.

Easy to take

Softgels are round and their shells are smooth, so many people find them easier to take than other forms. They are neutral in taste and shelf stable at room temperature, and can vary greatly in shape and size to accommodate different doses.

The technology to encapsulate softgels is quite specialized and requires more finesse than the other forms, so softgels can be more costly to make than other forms. However, their flexibility, strength and longevity make them our delivery method of choice.

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