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1,210 mg wild omega-3 fish oil for heart health and cognition*

Essential fatty acids are nutritional powerhouses! They support a healthy heart, keep our minds sharp as we age and reduce inflammation.* Our burp-free wild Norwegian omega-3 fish oil is unprocessed and sustainable.

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Fish Oil

Top Active Ingredients
Fish oil is rich in omega-3 oils and fatty acids such as EPA and DHA. It is typically sourced from oily species such as mackerel and sardines, although suppliers vary widely. We source our fish oil from wild Norwegian fish such as cod and pollack from a supplier who is certified sustainable by the MSC, so our fish oil doesn’t contribute to overfishing.


Top Active Ingredients
Docosahexaenoic acid is an omega-3 fatty acid that plays an important role in brain health, cognitive function and cardiovascular health. Promotes healthy development of the brain, nerves and eyes in babies. Crucial during pregnancy and lactation.


Top Active Ingredients
Eicosapentaenoic acid is an omega-3 fatty acid that plays an important role in cardiovascular health, maintaining healthy cholesterol levels and reducing inflammation. Many people supplement omega-3 fish oil because they do not eat enough fatty fish in their diets.


Inactive Ingredients

These are the other ingredients contained within the product. Hover overClick on an ingredient to learn more about it.

  • Natural Lemon Flavor

    Made from oils extracted from lemon peels.

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  • Gelatin

    A clear, colorless food made from animal collagen.

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  • Glycerin

    Glycerin is a thick, clear liquid used as a lubricant and humectant in many pharmaceutical and cosmetic products.

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  • Purified Water

    Water that has been filtered for purity.

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Certificate of Analysis

Expires July 29, 2019

The Certificate of Analysis (CoA in industry lingo) is a summary of all quality tests conducted on this specific batch. We test for the presence of heavy metals and bacterial contamination.

Test Standard Result
Lead (PPB)
NMT 168
Arsenic (PPM)
NMT 3.4
Cadmium (PPM)
NMT 1.4
Mercury (PPB)
NMT 101
Yeast & Mold (CFU/G)
NMT 300
E. Coli
S. Aureus


  • Test Result
  • Acceptable Range
  • Outside Standard

How to read this chart

The range of standards is shown above, with acceptable ranges defined by the abbreviations below. Standards are set by a combination of regulation and industry-wide testing methodology.


  • PPM Parts Per Million
  • PPB Parts Per Billion
  • CFU/G Colony-forming units per gram
  • NMT No More Than