CoQ10 for Heart Health | Ubiquinone, MCT Oil

30 Count

CoQ10 is a micronutrient that supports cellular energy and function.* Naturally in our bodies but depletes with aging and some medications.

Take 1 softgel daily. For best results, take with a meal.

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CoQ10 for Heart Health | Ubiquinone, MCT Oil

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Just the good stuff. Our vitamins are free of fillers, bulking agents, artificial additives, colors and sweeteners.

CoQ10 Ubidecarenone

This powerful antioxidant-like nutrient is made to USP standards from microbial fermentation and crystallization. It’s super pure and contains over 99% trans-isomers.From China


Fat-soluble vitamins are better absorbed with, well, fat! We use MCT oil from coconuts. This plant-based oil provides slow fuel for your body and is keto-friendly.*From Germany


We use food grade high quality beef collagen, full of healthy amino acids that can support skin, joint and gut health.* Softgels are also easy to swallow and flavorless.From South Korea

Sunflower Lecithin

Lecithin is a fatty substance that helps the ingredients play nice together during encapsulation into softgels. Ours is sourced from non-GMO sunflower rather than soy.From the Netherlands

No Soy, Sugar
Gluten or Dairy



No Artificial

Certified Facility

Third Party
Lab Tested

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How it Works


Supports Heart Health*

Coenzyme Q10 is produced naturally in the body, but levels deplete over time. CoQ10 can boost cellular energy for large organs like the heart, lungs, and liver1

Fights Free Radical Damage*

CoQ10’s powerful antioxidant properties have shown to protect against oxidative stress2, boost physical performance3 and counteract free radical damage4

Combats Depletion*

Certain medications prescribed for conditions such as high cholesterol have also been shown to accelerate the natural depletion of CoQ10 in the body5

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We know you have a lot of choices when it comes to vitamins. Here’s how we’re different.

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We scour the globe for the most effective ingredients, both natural and lab-grown. Bonus: they’re in forms that your body can actually use.

Expert Formulations

We consult registered dieticians and biochemists to ensure that our formulas are balanced, effective, easy for your body to absorb and complementary.

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We verify ingredients and every batch of finished goods using in-house and third party labs. We’ll never use fillers, bulking agents or proprietary blends.

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You can trace every single batch we make on our site! We’ll show you what goes into your vitamins and how they did in our quality tests (hint: flying colors).

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