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The Most Efficient Multivitamins Ever

13 June, 2017| 0 Comments WRITE A COMMENT

The Digest Multivitamins , Prenatal

Our long-awaited multivitamins are finally here! Meet The Essentials Multi and Prenatal Multi + DHA. Consider your nutritional bases officially covered.

Engineered for efficiency

You don't have time to be taking pills all day. We get it. That's why both our multivitamins have just enough of the right nutrient, in the right forms, in just one pill a day. Everything you need, nothing you don't.

Bioavailable forms

The Essentials Multi provides letter vitamins A, B, C, D and E in super bioavailable forms:

    • B12 as methylcobalamin, rather than the more common, cheaper cyanocobalamin

    • zinc and magnesium glycinate

    • iodine, crucial for thyroid function

    • lutein for eye health

    • certified sustainable omega-3 fish oil

Prenatal Multi DHA

For women who are pregnant, hoping to become pregnant or lactating, our Prenatal Multi + DHA has carefully calibrated amounts of nutrients that are essential for healthy fetal development:

    • letter vitamins A through E

    • folate to protect against serious birth defects

    • choline for brain and spinal cord development

    • lots of iron to ward off anemia

    • safe, non-fish algal oil DHA

DHA is an essential omega-3 fatty acid for healthy brain and eye development in babies. Ours is a safe, non-fish DHA derived from algal oil so there's no chance of ocean-borne contaminants or heavy metals.

Do I need a multivitamin?

People who have very balanced and varied diets may be able to get all the nutrients they need from food, but may still suffer from deficiencies that are unrelated to food, such as vitamin D.

We like to think of these multivitamins as 'nutritional insurance' — they give us that little extra so we don't have to fret about not eating enough fish one week. They may also help with those of us who have poor absorption, or diets that don't cover all of our nutritional basis.


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