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Making the Most of Farmers' Markets

06 July, 2017| 0 Comments WRITE A COMMENT

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Summer's in full swing here in the Northern hemisphere, and local farmers' markets are positively bursting with the best of the season. Modern supermarkets are so well stocked all year round that it's sometimes difficult to find time or reason to hit up farmers' markets.

So when we do go, we like to make it count, even if it's just once a month. Once you taste sweet and tender asparagus straight from the farm, it will be hard to go back to the stuff that's been lying around in cold storage. Many markets also have lots of prepared food vendors — hello, samples!

Eat the seasons

Most fruits and vegetables have a window where they are at their best in terms of flavor and availability. Sometimes, these windows can be as short as a few weeks, as is the case with ramps, a wonderfully aromatic and tender wild leek.

Looking forward to the arrival of the season's first strawberries or peaches gives us another reason to visit or local market. Here's a chart with the most common fruits and vegetables and when they're in season.

Seasonality Chart

With the advent of modern transportation, we can ship in most produce year round from places like Chile, but shopping at markets is a great way to support local farmers, reduce your carbon footprint and eat produce at its peak.

Bring cash and a bag

Although many vendors at larger markets will accept credit card payment, it's best to come prepared with cash. POS software often relies on unreliable wifi networks. Some smaller vendors will only accept cash, as credit card processors charge merchants a usage fee.

A reusable bag is very useful as well. Most market vendors have bags that are only large enough to carry the goods they sell, and carrying a half dozen small bags gets annoying really quickly!

Befriend your farmers

Talk to your vendors and develop a relationship with your local food community! If you see something interesting that you've never tried before, or if you're unsure how to cook something, don't be afraid to ask your vendor, "Hey, what's the best way to cook this?" In our experience, vendors love helping you make a tasty dish with their goods and will give great recommendations.

Have you been to your local farmer's market this season? Let us know in the comments below!

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