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Immunity Champ Vitamin C

20 June, 2017| 0 Comments WRITE A COMMENT

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We're adding a well-known immunity champ to our lineup today, Super C. Just one softgel provides 500 mg of vitamin C as ascorbic acid and 50 mg of citrus bioflavonoids, which are plant pigments that act as antioxidants within the body. Both compounds work together to enhance each other's beneficial effects.

Immunity helper

Vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin found in many fruits and vegetables. It helps the immune system by acting as an antioxidant in the body, fighting free radicals that arise from normal cell activity and the environment, such as pollution, cigarette smoke and UV radiation from the sun.

It's often used to combat the common cold; specifically, research shows that it can reduce the severity of symptoms and also the duration of the illness. In some people, it can even reduce the frequency of getting colds.

Vitamin C is particularly beneficial for people who are under a lot of physical stress, such as athletes or military personnel. In these populations, supplementing vitamin C has resulted in a 50% reduction of the risk of getting a cold.

Collagen and absorption

Vitamin C also plays a role in collagen production, important for healthy joints and skin. Iron and zinc absorption are also enhanced, which is helpful for pregnant women and those who are prone to iron-deficiency anemia due to dietary restrictions. 

Although many fruits and vegetables contain vitamin C, because it is water-soluble, cooking foods destroys this compound. Current RDAs are 90 mg for men and 75 mg for women, and between 85 mg and 120 mg for pregnant or breastfeeding women. The NIH recommends 35 mg more for people who smoke or are exposed to secondhand smoke.

Enhanced by bioflavonoids

Bioflavonoids are compounds found in plant life such as apples, lemons, limes, grapefruit and so on, and are partially responsible for their vibrant colors and pigmentation.

They work synergistically with vitamin C to enhance the protection against free radicals, cell damage and oxidative stress.

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